State of Wintaro
Wéntāluō Zhōu
Wintaro Shū
Nickname: The Desert State
Capital Oronton
Largest city Novena
Official languages English · Chinese · Japanese
Ethnic groups 50.90% European
42.53% Asian
4.83% Reatinese
1.74% Other
Demonym Wintaran
- Governor Justin Harper (CCP)
- Premier Harry Delano (CCP)
- Deputy Premier Yasmin Dulche (CCP)
- Assembly Speaker Kristoff Neweten (CCP)
Legislature Legislative Assembly
Federal representation
- House seats
5 / 100
- House delegation
- Senate seats
8 / 76
- Statehood 16 September 1987
Area 7,004 km² (9th)
Population (2072)
- Total 1,213,458 (9th)
- Density 173.3/km² (5th)
GSP (2072–73)
- Total $51.756 billion (8th)
- Per capita $42,652 (4th)
Time zone(s) CWST (UTC+9)
(does not observe DST)
Highest point Mt. Sandy-Moner (1686m)
Abbreviation WT

Wintaro (/wɪnˈtɑːroʊ/ win-tah-roh, abbreviated as WT) is a state in Craftia's south. It borders Meyang to the north-east, Kagstron to the north-west, Berhardsson to the east and Jagsland to the south. Its capital is Oronton, while the largest city is Novena.

Wintaro is the second-least populous state and is geographically the smallest state. It is almost landlocked except for a small eastern coastline along Feng Shui Bay. Its main industries are agriculture (especially in the northern corner of the state) and manufacturing in the urban centres. The state is well known as an outlier in political views, with Wintaro having a reputation for being generally more conservative than other states. Wintaro was the last state to legalise voluntary euthanasia, abolish gerrymandering in state elections, and decriminalise prostitution. The state frequently votes differently to other states in federal referendums.

Wintaro remains Craftia's only White-majority state, harking back to its origins as a European-established colony with de facto anti-Asian policies (including the precursor to the White Craftia Policy). Today Asians form more than 42.5% of the population compared to Europeans' 50.9%.


In 1987, Wintaro was established as a founding state of the Republic of Craftia.


Wintaro is a state of the Republic of Craftia, and has a federal parliamentary constitutional political system based on the federal Craftian republic parliamentary republic, with the Governor of Wintaro (currently Justin Harper of the Craftian Conservative Party) as the head of state, and the Premier of Wintaro (currently Harry Delano of the Craftian Conservative Party) as the head of government. Its unicameral parliament consists of the 33-member Wintaro Legislative Assembly, with elections held every three years on the first Saturday of March, using the proportional representation voting system.

Federal representation

Wintaro elects 5 Members of Parliament to the Craftian House of Representatives, and is represented by 8 Senators.

Name Party Seat Term
Kristin Barr Conservative Intyuana 2069–
Christopher Bernardo United Oronton 2061–
Bruce Kerry Conservative Winston 2039–
John Lambert Conservative McIntyre 2065–
Ethan O'Malley Conservative Moner 2052–
Name Party Term
Graham Billson Conservative
Shun-zheng Cheung Reform
Andrew Hamington Conservative
Richard Ichida United
Ivy Ling Conservative
Angus Pham United
Lisa Yulubana Conservative
Billy Zazueta Liberal