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Westhaven Prefecture
Prefectuur Westhaven
西港州 Xīgǎng Zhōu
西港州 Nishikō Shū



Nicknames: The Sunshine State

Country Enderron
Entered federation 19 July 1765 (5th)
Capital Port William
Largest city Sunnyvale
Official languages English
Ethnic groups 79.3% European
16.1% Asian
3.2% Pacific peoples
1.4% Other
Religion 50.3% Christianity
43.0% No Religion
3.7% Buddhism
0.9% Shinto
2.1% Other
Demonym Westhavian
- Governor Matt McGowan (LPE)
- Lieutenant-Governor Jonah Tomsen (LPE)
- Premier Adrian Steele (SDP)
- Speaker Terrence Rieger (SDP)
Legislature Prefectural Assembly
Federal representation
- Parliamentary seats
12 / 150
- Parliamentary delegation
- Established 16 September 1946
Area 17,046 km² (3rd)
Population (2018)
- Total 2,368,596 (6th)
- Density 139.0/km² (10th)
GDP (2017–18)
- Total $61.972 billion (7th)
- Per capita $26,164 (13th)
Time zone(s) EST (UTC+9)
EDT (UTC+10)
Highest point TBA
Abbreviation WS

Westhaven Prefecture (Dutch for "west harbour", abbreviated as WS) is a coastal prefecture in southern Enderron. It is bordered by Cooksland Prefecture to the north, New Surrey Prefecture to the northeast and Lawrencia Prefecture to the east. Its capital city is Port William, while its largest city is Sunnyvale.

Westhaven is an irregularly shaped prefecture with a long coastline on the Pacific Ocean. Historically, it was the prefecture with the largest Dutch Enderronian population percentage-wise; more than 20 percent of its population identified as being of Dutch heritage until the 1990s. Although a significant number have since moved to other prefectures, Westhaven remains a centre of Dutch Enderronian culture and its influence can be seen in modern Westhavian society, particularly through its prefectural flag and cuisine.

Westhaven's economy is largely powered by maritime industries: commercial fishing, offshore wind power, hydroelectricity and maritime transport are its largest contributors. The Port of Port William and Port of Sunnyvale are among Enderron's busiest seaports. Further inland, agriculture and solar power are major economic forces. Westhaven also formerly had a large manufacturing industry, which significantly declined in the 21st century. The prefecture has a growing tourism industry, particularly in the south, due to its warm tropical climate and abundance of natural resources.




Westhaven has a semi-presidential political system, with the Governor of Westhaven Prefecture (currently Matt McGowan of the Liberal Party of Enderron) as the head of state, and the Premier of Westhaven Prefecture (currently Adrian Steele of the Social Democratic Party of Enderron) as the head of government. Its unicameral parliament consists of the 45-member Westhaven Prefectural Assembly, with elections held every four years, using full preferential voting.

Federal representation

Westhaven elects 12 Members of Parliament to the Enderronian Parliament.

Name Party Seat Term
Tom Callahan Liberal Jenkins 2014–
Ziggy Duggan Social Democrats Port William 2010–
Ian Gillard National Kennedy 2002–
Daniel Hartin Liberal Cowper 2010–
Ivan Hawthorn Social Democrats Sunnyvale 2018–
David Henneman Social Democrats Nord 2006–
Brian Keogh Liberal Roscoe 2014–
Nicole Meaney Liberal Hamilton 2014–
Tyson Parker Liberal Middle Range 2010–
Justine Perry Social Democrats Southend 2018–
Jodie Scanlon Social Democrats Fuller 2017–
Michael Turnbull Liberal Orange 2002–

Political culture

Westhaven is traditionally regarded as a relatively conservative prefecture.