L7 (WSL)
Western Line
诺城地铁7号线 (西方线)
Nuòchéng Dìtiě Qī Hào Xiàn (Xīfāng Xiàn)
Jalur Barat
Route map
Transit type Rapid transit
System NotchRail
Termini Castlebrook
Veilstone Village
Unbiyong (intermediate)
Stations 25 in operation
3 in planning
Services 5
Opened 4 September 2029
Owner Jebsten State Government
Operator(s) NotchTransit Corporation
Character Ground
Depot(s) Castlebrook
Fleet D Set
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8½ in)
standard gauge
Electrification DC 1500 V third rail

The L7 Western Line is a rapid transit line in the NotchRail network. It serves the growing areas of Arenaville WestMarrickville West and the western suburbs. It was formerly named the Summerley Line (2065–2073), Outer West Line (2065), Inner West Line (2054–2065), Airport Line (2031–2054), and Le Angel Line (2029–2031). It was formerly coded Line 07.

The line is coloured lime green in NotchRail maps and timetables.


Opening History

  • September 4, 2029 - The original line, from ChessCraft to Le Angel, with 3 stations, opens.
  • May 18, 2030 - Clock Tower opens.
  • February 24, 2032 - An extension to Airport (now Arenaville Airport), with 1 new station, opens.
  • December 1, 2041 - An extension to Summerley, with 4 new stations, opens.
  • February 11, 2042 - An extension to Twinleaf Village (now Twinleaf Town), with 2 new stations, opens.
  • March 30, 2045 - NotchRail Headquarters opens.


Number Station Code LGA Stopping patterns Connections
1 2 3 4 5
Castlebrook – Veilstone Village
WS1IT28 Castlebrook 卡斯布 CBK Castlebrook Pattern Pattern Pattern L9
WS2IT27AE4 Castlebrook Airport 卡斯布机场 CBA Pattern Pattern Pattern L9AE
WS3 Cartwright 卡特赖特 CRH Pattern Pattern
WS4 Zhongshan 中山 ZHS Future station
WS5 Tennyson 丁尼生 TYS Pattern Pattern
WS6 Glasgow 格拉斯哥 GLW Pattern Pattern
WS7 Revenge Parkour 复仇跑酷 RVP Homebush Pattern
WS8 Banksia 班克西亚 BSA Future station
WS9EW24 Notchropolis University 诺城大学 NUS Inner West Pattern Pattern Pattern L2
WS10EW26 ChessCraft 棋世界 CHT Pattern Pattern Pattern L2
WS11CC13 Arenaville West 阿丽娜围西 AWS Pattern Pattern Pattern CC
WS12 Clock Tower 马力围钟楼 CWR Pattern
WS13CC16 Le Angel 乐天使 LAN Pattern Pattern CC
WS14 NotchRail Headquarters 诺城地铁总部 NHQ Pattern Pattern
WS15CC15WR16ST10 Arenaville Airport 阿丽娜围机场 APT Pattern Pattern Pattern CCL5L6
WS16LK4 Regentsville 里治围 RGV Bargo Future station L4
WS17NT1 Unbiyong 昂比央 UBY Unbiyong Pattern Pattern Pattern Pattern Pattern L3
WS18 Townsberry 汤斯貝利 TBR Thornsby Pattern Pattern
WS19 Blackcraft 黑加乎 BFT Pattern
WS20 West Mount Drewitt 冬核峰西 WMD Pattern
WS21 Thornsby 丰斯比 TBY Pattern Pattern
WS22 Tredelphia 特德尔福 TDA Pattern Pattern
WS23 Oak Wood 橡木 OWD Pattern
WS24 Wingchester 温彻打 WCT Arndell Pattern Pattern
WS25 Woodhouse 木屋 WDH Pattern
WS26 Harris Lowlands 哈里斯低地 HLD Pattern
WS27 Rotledon 罗特顿 RDN Rotledon Pattern Pattern
WS28 Veilstone Village 帷幕村 VSL Pattern Pattern

Stopping patterns

1. All stations: ChessCraft, Arenaville West, Clock Tower, Le Angel, NotchRail Headquarters, Arenaville Airport, Airport Square, Landsvale, Perssons, Summerley, Chinghill, Twinleaf Town
2. Limited stops: ChessCraft, Arenaville West, Le Angel, NotchRail Headquarters, Arenaville Airport, Airport Square, Summerley, Chinghill, Twinleaf Town
3. Express: ChessCraft, NotchRail Headquarters, Arenaville Airport, Summerley, Twinleaf Town