L5 (WRL)
Waratah Line
诺城地铁5号线 (华特尔线)
Nuòchéng Dìtiě Wǔ Hào Xiàn (Huátè'ěr Xiàn)
Jalur Waratah
Route map
Transit type Rapid transit
System NotchRail
Termini Saffron Town
Pete's Corner
Stations 27 in operation
3 in planning
Services 3
Opened 31 July 2031
Owner Jebsten State Government
Operator(s) NotchTransit Corporation
Character Ground
Depot(s) Bargo
Fleet P Set
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8½ in)
standard gauge
Electrification DC 1500 V third rail

The L5 Waratah Line is a rapid transit line in the NotchRail network. It was formerly known as the Allandale Line (2031–2073) and was formerly coded Line 13.

An east-west line, it serves the inner northern areas of Notchropolis and mainly travels through the Allandale District, which is the namesake for the line.

The line is coloured red in NotchRail's timetables and maps.


Opening History

  • July 31, 2031 - The initial section, from Airport (now Arenaville Airport) to Bradfield Road (now Dunheved), with 6 stations, opens.
  • October 26, 2034 - Clash of Clans Museum opens with restricted opening times (same opening times as the museum). This has since changed as the museum is now open 24 hours a day.
  • September 15, 2039 - Keyn Plains, Bradshaw and Dawson Point open.
  • May 20, 2062 - Mingello opens.
  • April 24, 2067 - An extension to Pete's Corner, with 1 new station, opens.


Number Station Code LGA Stopping patterns Connections
1 2 3
Saffron Town – Pete's Corner
WR1 Saffron Town 金黄鎮 SFF Castlebrook Pattern Pattern Pattern
WR2 Carameng 卡拉梦 CMG Pattern Pattern
WR3 Ambertown 安巴镇 AMB Pattern
WR4 Sherwood 舍活 SHW Pattern Pattern
WR5 Cassowary Plains 食火鸡平原 CWP Pattern Pattern
WR6IT30 Silverdale 锡尔弗 SDL Pattern Pattern Pattern L9
WR7 Silverdale Park 锡尔弗公园 SVK Pattern
WR8 Kayumba 凯云巴 KYB Pattern Pattern
WR9 Layla Heights 蕾拉高地 LHG McArthur Pattern Pattern
WR10 McArthur 麦加弗 MCR Pattern Pattern Pattern
WR11 Campbell Downs 金宝山 CPD Pattern Pattern
WR12 Woangle 沃刃阁 WOE Pattern Pattern
WR13 Bardia Park 巴蒂亚园 BDK Pattern Pattern
WR14 McArthur Creek 麦加弗溪 MHK Pattern
WR15ST6 Summerley 萨穆利 SLY Summerley Pattern Pattern Pattern L6
WR16CC15ST10WS15 Arenaville Airport 阿丽娜围机场 APT Inner West Pattern Pattern Pattern CCL6L7
WR17LK5 Tangara 堂嘎拉 TGA Bargo Pattern Pattern Pattern L4
WR18NT3 Mingello 明继路 MGO Pattern L3
WR19NT4ST12 Troll House 基恩平原 KPN Pattern Pattern Pattern L3
WR20LK8 Tungog 堂各 TUN Allandale Pattern Pattern Pattern LK8
WR21 Clash of Clans Museum 冲突氏族博物馆 CCM Pattern
WR22CC2NS10LK9 Waratah Park 华特尔公园 WPK Pattern Pattern Pattern CCL1L4
WR23 Macdonald Racecourse 麦当劳赛道 MDR Pattern
WR24 Bradshaw 布拉德肖 BDW Pattern Pattern
WR25 Dawson Point 道森角 DPT Pattern Pattern
WR26 Kindlemill 金帝磨 KML Future station
WR27ES3 Dunheved 丹黑伐 DHV Pattern Pattern Pattern L8
WR28 Bukit Hill 武吉山 BKH Future station
WR29EW14 Beresford 贝雷斯福 BFD Future station L2
WR30EW13ES4 Pete's Corner 皮特街 PER Riverview Pattern Pattern Pattern L2L8

Stopping patterns

1. All stations: Arenaville Airport, Tangara, Mingello, Keyn Plains, Tungog, Clash of Clans Museum, Waratah Park, Macdonald Racecourse, Bradshaw, Dawson Point, Dunheved, Pete's Corner
2. Limited stops: Arenaville Airport, Tangara, Keyn Plains, Tungog, Waratah Park, Bradshaw, Dawson Point, Dunheved, Pete's Corner
3. Express: Arenaville Airport, Waratah Park, Dunheved, Pete's Corner