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Hello again! It's time for me, Alfredo, to announce the POW for 18-24 of May.

In the poll for POW, it was a close race between Jack Ralph (RapidPVP) and Tim Li (Timmie321), with both players actually tying by the end of the poll. Initially, I was only going to do Timothy Li because of the voices in my head, but the outpour of outrage at this decision has caused me to induct Jack as a POW. I've painstakingly managed to track Jack and interview him.

Me: Congratulations Jack, you've been selected as a POW. How does it feel to win this prestigous award

Jack: Yeah, it feels good to be noticed for all my efforts and to be awarded such an amazing award.

Me: Is there anyone you would like to thank for helping you on this journey?

Jack: Definitely, I want to thank my parents, who have always been there supporting my passion for playing Minecraft, and the Minecraft gods, for blessing me with the ability to create such amazing stuff. Notch bless

Me: Wow that's really inspiring. Well, that's all I'm bothered to type, so I'm ending the interview here. Thanks for coming, Jack

Jack: No problem

I've also managed to interview Timothy Li, in his secluded home, isolated from society, which has been partially censored for security reasons.

[In Tim Li's house in *ogar**]

Me: Hey Tim, You've won this award for two consecutive weeks! Tell me, how did you manage to achieve this feat?

Tim: Well, it's been a lot of hard work, a lot of- ALLAHU AKBAR!!!

[Tim then proceeds to rip his shirt and shows a bomb]


[I ran away, not looking behind]

Well, that's all we have time for folks. Check the blog next week for the next Player of the Week, and remember to keep voting!