L6 (STL)
Stuart Line
诺城地铁6号线 (斯图尔特线)
Nuòchéng Dìtiě Liù Hào Xiàn (Sītú'ěrtè Xiàn)
Jalur Stuart
Route map
Transit type Rapid transit
System NotchRail
Termini Bob's Farm
Stations 22 in operation
2 in planning
Services 3
Opened 30 January 2037
Owner Jebsten State Government
Operator(s) NotchTransit Corporation
Character Ground
Depot(s) Hespefield
Moss Vale
Fleet H Set
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8½ in)
standard gauge
Electrification DC 1500 V third rail

The L6 Stuart Line is a rapid transit line in the NotchRail network. Its original planned name was Eastern Plains Line, known as the Eastplains Line from 2037 to 2073 and was formerly coded Line 11.

The line serves the eastern suburbs of Notchropolis (mainly the Eastplains District, which is the namesake for the line). Petalburg was formerly the easternmost station in the suburban network until Moss Glade on the Riverview Line opened in 2060.

The line is coloured black in NotchRail's timetables and maps.


Opening History

  • January 30, 2037 - An initial trial section from Troll House to Loftus, with 2 stations, opens.
  • November 25, 2037 - An extension to Questacon, with 2 new stations, opens.
  • August 4, 2044 - An extension to Richlands, with 2 new stations, opens.
  • June 7, 2053 - An extension to Petalburg Village (now Petalburg), with 2 new stations, opens.
  • December 12, 2057 - Watsonville (now Bridgetown) opens.
  • January 1, 2068 - An extension to Central, with 1 new station, opens.
  • April 10, 2073 - Hyrule Circuit and Bottle Forest open.


Number Station Code LGA Stopping patterns Connections
1 2 3
Bob's Farm – Petalburg
ST1 Bob's Farm 鲍勃农场 BFM Littleroot Pattern Pattern Pattern
ST2IT35 Littleroot Town 未白镇 LRT Pattern Pattern Pattern L9
ST3 Slateport 凯那 SLP Future station
ST4 Twinleaf Town 双叶镇 TWT Summerley Pattern Pattern Pattern
ST5 Chinghill 庆山 CGL Pattern Pattern
ST6WR15 Summerley 萨穆利 SLY Pattern Pattern Pattern L5
ST7 Perssons 佩尔松 PRS Pattern
ST8 Landsvale 兰斯围 LVE Bargo Pattern
ST9 Airport Square 机场广场 ASQ Macquarie Fields Pattern Pattern
ST10CC15WR16WS15 Arenaville Airport 阿丽娜围机场 APT Inner West Pattern Pattern Pattern CCL5L7
ST11CC1NS14LK10AE1 Central 诺城中央 CEN Notchropolis Pattern Pattern Pattern CCL1L4AE
ST12CC4NS17EW19LK13 Troll House 白目屋 THS Pattern Pattern Pattern CCL1L2L4
ST13 Loftus 洛夫特斯 LFS Southerland Pattern Pattern
ST14 Loftus East 洛夫特斯东 ELF Future station
ST15LK16 Hespefield 黑斯皮菲 HPD Eastplains Pattern Pattern Pattern L4
ST16LK18 Questacon 诺城科技中心 QTC Southerland Pattern Pattern Pattern L4
ST17 Eastplains 依士川 ELN Eastplains Pattern Pattern
ST18 Richlands 里士兰 RLD Pattern Pattern
ST19 Bridgetown 布里奇敦 BTN Riverview Pattern
ST20ES5 Eysark Junction 艾萨克联运 ESJ Pattern Pattern Pattern L8
ST21ES6 Riverview Fair 江景博览会 RVF Pattern Pattern L8
ST22 Hyrule Circuit 海拉尔赛道 HYC Pattern Pattern
ST23IT12 Bottle Forest 瓶森林 BFT Pattern Pattern L9
ST24IT13 Petalburg 橙华 PTG New Bark Pattern Pattern Pattern L9

Stopping patterns

1. All stations: Central, Troll House, Loftus, Hespefield, Questacon, Eastplains, Richlands, Bridgetown, Eysark Junction, Hyrule Circuit, Bottle Forest, Petalburg
2. Limited stops: Central, Troll House, Hespefield, Questacon, Eastplains, Richlands, Eysark Junction, Hyrule Circuit, Bottle Forest, Petalburg
3. Express: Central, Troll House, Hespefield, Questacon, Eysark Junction, Petalburg