The Pulse 29 Solar System consists of the star Pulse 29 and its planetary system of eleven planets, their moons and other non-stellar objects.


The planets are classed into three different regions: the Inner Ring, the Outer Ring and the Edge Ring.

from Pulse 29
Name Distance
from Pulse 29
relative to Minearth
Inner Ring
1 Eyns 0.2 AU 0.09 EM 2
2 Sircula 0.6 AU 1.24 EM 9
3 Guery 0.9 AU 0.89 EM 0
4 Minearth 1 AU 1 EM 1
5 Qwertop 1.7 AU 0.75 EM 4
Outer Ring
6 Jikandis 2.9 AU 166 EM 96
7 Sedas 3.7 AU 48 EM 29
8 Oena 6.7 AU 59 EM 5
9 Honius 9.9 AU 21 EM 53
Edge Ring
10 Wutear 18 AU 2.81 EM 14
11 Tin'et 45 AU 0.43 EM 13

Inner Ring

The Inner Ring consists of five planets, relatively close to Pulse 29.


Eyns (0.2 AU) is the closest planet to Pulse 29 and is the smallest (0.09 Minearth masses). It has two moons, named Eyns 1 and Eyns 2.


Sircula (0.6 AU) is similar in size to Minearth (1.24 Minearth masses). It has 9 moons.


Guery (0.9 AU) is the closest planet and the most similarly-sized planet to Minearth (0.89 Minearth masses). It has no moons.


Minearth (1 AU) is the only known planet with intelligent life. It has one moon named Luna.


Qwertop (1.7 AU) is the furthest planet from Pulse 29 in the Inner Ring. It is the third-smallest planet (0.75 Minearth masses). It has 4 moons.

Outer Ring

The Outer Ring is considerably further away from Pulse 29, and consists of four relatively large planets.


Jikadis (2.9 AU) is the closest planet to Pulse 29 in the Outer Ring. It is the largest planet (166 Minearth masses). It has 96 moons.


Sedas (3.7 AU) is the only planet other than Minearth to have signs of life (only single-cell organisms) and liquid water on its surface. It is the third-largest planet (48 Minearth masses). It has 29 moons.


Oena (6.7 AU) is the second-largest planet (59 Minearth masses), but is still very small compared to Jikandis. It has 5 moons.


Honius (9.9 AU) is the smallest planet in the Outer Ring (21 Minearth masses) and also the furthest. It has 53 moons.

Edge Ring

The Edge Ring is much further away from Pulse 29 than the other two regions, and has two planets and many dwarf planets.


Wutear (18 AU) is the larger of the two planets in the Edge Ring (2.81 Minearth masses), and is almost twice as far from Pulse 29 as the next closest planet, Honius, is. It has 14 moons.


Tin'et (45 AU) is the second-smallest planet (0.43 Minearth masses). It has 13 moons.