The NotchRail fleet of trains serves the NotchRail network in the city of Notchropolis.

Current fleet

Name Carriage configuration Operates on Nickname
D Set 2 carriages None Dual
T Set 3 carriages Achelous Line Tri
Airport Express
Stuart Line
Expo Line
Metro Monorail
Eastern Line
Q Set 4 carriages Waratah Line Quad
Castlebrook Line
East-West Line
Stuart Line
Green Ridges Line
Lake Line
Pallet Line
Western Line
Wakehurst Line
P Set 5 carriages Waratah Line Penta
Castlebrook Line
City Circle
North-South Line
East-West Line
Northern Line
Pallet Line
Southern Line
H Set 6 carriages Linford Line Hexa, NotchXCL
O Set 8 carriages None Octa
N Set 9 carriages None Nona