NotchFerry Network

An alternate network map.

NotchFerry is the name of a ferry network in NotchropolisCraftia.


Currently there are nine ferry lines. Four of them serve separate rivers and lakes (South Lakes, Lake Wawanakwa, Pinemeadow Creek and Macarthur River, and Thornsby River), while the remaining five serve the Northern Waterways.

Code Name Operates between Stations Opened Fleet
F1 Griffith Creek Line Dellfield and Three Rock Lake 9 2016 RiverGlider
F2 Qwerty River Line Beresford and Keyn Creek 12 2030 RiverCruiser
F3 Pallet River Line Beresford and Terminus Cove 7 2030 RiverCruiser
F4 Eysark River Line North Richlands and Point Wollscroft 7 2031 RiverGlider
F5 Lake Wawanakwa Line Box Hill and Camp Wawanakwa 2 2023 RiverRaft
F6 Elgoog River Line Beresford and Moss Vale 11 2042 RiverCruiser
F7 Ryde River Line Beresford and East Ryde 9 2057 RiverGlider
F8 Pinemeadow Creek Line Rushcutter Pond and Summerley 12 2064 RiverGlider
F9 Thornsby River Line Regentsville and Thornsby River North 6 2064 RiverCruiser
NotchFerry Map

The current NotchFerry network map.