L1 (NSL)
North-South Line
诺城地铁1号线 (南北线)
Nuòchéng Dìtiě Yī Hào Xiàn (Nánběi Xiàn)
ノチロ地下鉄1号線 (南北線)
Nochiro Chikatetsu Ichi-gōsen (Nanboku-sen)
Route map
Transit type Rapid transit
System NotchRail
Termini Caniswell
Stations 35 in operation
1 in planning
Services 3
Opened 25 February 1992
Owner Jebsten State Government
Operator(s) NotchTransit Corporation
Character Ground
Depot(s) Greendale
Fleet H Set
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8½ in)
standard gauge
Electrification DC 1500 V third rail

The L1 North-South Line is a rapid transit line in the NotchRail network. It was formerly named the Main Line (1992–2025), briefly the Central Line (2025–2026), and the City Line (2026–2073). It was formerly coded Line 01.

Formed as the amalgamation of the former City and Northern Lines, the North-South line serves the northern and southern suburbs of Notchropolis, as well as some of the inner-city suburbs. It directly travels through the heart of the city along its north-south route. It previously also served stations on the City Circle, before the City Line was truncated from it in 2053.

The line is coloured azure blue on NotchRail maps and timetables.


Plans for a rapid transit system in Notchropolis originated from at least the 1970's. The Great War of Craftia from 1978 to 1987 hindered the progress of such rapid transit system. In 1990 Notchropolis Railways was established and construction commenced later that year. The first section opened in 1992 and connected what is now the stations of Central and Library. In 1995 the railway line was officially opened, with the extension to what is now the station of City Hall, which provided access to the newly opened Notchropolis Town Hall (now Notchropolis City Hall).

The turn of the millenium saw the opening of the extension to what is now the station of Greenhouse. The line by then had consisted of the following stations:

For the opening of the new Tunnel Line (now Northern Line) in 2008, the line from Central to The Farm was named the Main Line, and Central station was upgraded. In 2013 the line was extended to CS Tower along with the opening of the CS Tower.

The station of CraftField opened in 2024 with the opening of CraftField. Later that year the Downtown Line (then named Inner South-West Line) was opened to Op Castle (then named Op Castle/Safari Zone). CS Tower was upgraded to accommedate the new line. Originally the plan was to combine the two lines (Main Line and Inner South-West Line) together, but it was decided not to later.

Opening History

  • February 25, 1992 - The first section of the original line, a short single-track trial line connecting Central and Cemetery (now Library), with 2 stations, opens.
  • December 26, 1993 - Duplication of the entire line is complete.
  • August 6, 1995 - A short extension to Town Hall (now City Hall), with 1 new station, opens.
  • January 3, 2000 - An extension to The Farm (now Greenhouse), with 3 new stations, opens.
  • March 11, 2006 - Troll House, Obstacle Course (now Hall Park), Rollercoaster and Waratah Park open.
  • December 4, 2007 - Bomberman Arena (now Mortdale) opens.
  • November 12, 2013 - An extension to CS Tower (now Downtown), with 1 new station, opens.
  • May 19, 2014 - An extension to Olympic Park (now Olympic Stadium), with 1 new station, opens.
  • January 1, 2024 - CraftField opens.
  • August 24, 2053 - Troll House, City Hall, Waratah Park, Hall Park and Rollercoaster are closed for construction of the City Circle Line.
  • September 1, 2053 - Troll House (platforms 3 and 4 only) reopens. Today, City Hall and Waratah Park remain as part of the City Circle, while Hall Park and Rollercoaster are now part of the Lake Line.

Description of Route

The City Line starts at Central. Before Central was redeveloped, it was the only line to have aboveground platforms (platforms 1 and 2). The line travels generally eastward onto a SkyTrain bridge, through the stations of CraftField and Library, before going back onto ground level and slightly curving north to Troll House. The line then travels south through Hospital, then turns westward to Mortdale. After Mortdale, the line heads south through the stations of Greenhouse and Downtown before crossing Griffith Creek and terminating at Olympic Stadium.


Number Station Code Opened LGA Interchange
Caniswell – Alistonville
NS1 Caniswell 嘉尼思围 カニスウェル CWL 2066 Caniswell
NS2 Warrayah 华亚 ワラヤ WYH 2066
NS3 Greendale 格林代 グリーンデール GDL 2046
NS4 Barnsbury Grove 邦斯伯里树林 バーンズベリー森林 BGV 2046
NS5 Northbank 北岸 北岸 NBK 2034
NS6NT8 Riverside 河边 河岸 RSE 2021 Penrith L3
NS7 Qwerty Park 键盘园 キーボード公園 QPK 2031
NS8NT7 Penrith 彭里斯 ペンリス PRH 2017 L3
NS9 Acacia Park 相思园 アカシア公園 APK 2017
NS10CC2LK9WR22 Waratah Park 华特尔公园 ワラタ公園 WPK 2013 Allandale CCL4L5
NS11 Alfredo Plaza 阿尔弗广场 アルフレード広場 ALF 2010
NS12 Esplanade 游歩道 遊歩道 EPN 2010 Notchropolis
NS13 Pioneer Hill 先锋山 パイオニア丘 PNH 2010
NS14CC1LK10ST11AE1 Central 诺城中央 ノチロ中央 CEN 1992 CCL4L6AE
NS15 CraftField City 克田市商场 克田市商場 CFD 2011
NS16 Library 诺城图书馆 ノチロ図書館 LBY 1992
NS17CC4EW19LK13ST12 Troll House 诡计屋 トリッキー屋 THS 2002 CCL2L4L6
NS18CC5 Hospital 德文郡医院 デボンシャー病院 HPL 2003 CC
NS19CC6 Mortdale 么底 モートデール MTD 2003 Southerland CC
NS20 Greenhouse 温室 温室 GHS 2004 Notchropolis
NS21CC7EW20 Downtown 下市 下道 DTN 2006 CCL2
NS22 Olympic 奥运赛场 オリンピック OLY 2012 Homebush
NS23 Yarran 亚兰 ヤラン YRN 2028
NS24 Homebush 康宝树 ホームブッシュ HBS 2028
NS25LK23 Lake Wilson South 威尔逊湖南 南ウィルソン湖 LWS 2028 L4
NS26 Dunmore 邓莫 ダンモア DME 2030
NS27 Woodford 活福 ウッドフォード WFD 2030
NS28LK25IT24 Werrington 威灵顿 ウェリントン WRG 2042 Leonay L4L9
NS29IT25 Dowdell Fields 道戴田 ダウデル田 DLF 2056 L9
NS30 Mulgoa 马高尔 マルゴー MGA 2068
NS31 Leonay Village 利昂内村 レオネ村 LEY 2042
NS32 Oxford Point 牛津角 オックスフォード岬 OXP 2042
NS33 Box Hill 博士山 ボックス丘 BHL 2056
NS34 Changshou 长寿 長寿 CNG 2068 Changshou
NS35 Perdagangan 怕搭刚赶 ペルダガガン PDG 2068
NS36 Alistonville 艾利斯顿围 アリストンビル ATV 2068

Stopping patterns

Central to Olympic Stadium services typically run on the following patterns:
1. All stations: Central, CraftField, Library, Troll House, Hospital, Mortdale, Greenhouse, Downtown, Olympic Stadium
2. Limited stops (most common stopping pattern): Central, Library, Troll House, Hospital, Mortdale, Downtown, Olympic Stadium
3. Express: Central, Troll House, Downtown, Olympic Stadium