The Metro Monorail (formerly known as the Marrickville Monorail from 2040 to 2044, and originally, the City Monorail during planning) is an elevated monorail line in Notchropolis. It is legally a part of the NotchRail network. The Monorail serves stations in Marrickville, Marrickville WestArenaville East and Arenaville West.

The line is coloured aqua blue on NotchRail maps and timetables.

Metro Monorail
Current Metro Monorail logo, used since 2066.

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Metro Monorail Company

NotchRail Corporation

Marrickville Monorail Company (formerly)


The Metro Monorail is a single line shuttle service. A monorail train consists of usually 3-4 carriages, (including the driver carriage), with the driver carriage at the back.


Construction on the City Monorail started in 2039. By 2040 the stations from Central Road (then Craft 'n' Mine) to Biodome were finished. Animal Farm (opening as Sandy Drive) and Hawthorne Park (opening as City Forest) were added in 2041, and the Monorail was officially opened (as the Marrickville Monorail). The City Forest station was originally planned to be located along Zela Street, but it was changed for unknown reasons, to Pitt Street. The unfinished construction works on Zela Street remain and can be seen while riding the Monorail. Garfield Road (opening as Lava Hallway) and Stonesand Arena (opening as Arenaville Terminus) were opened in 2042.

In 2044, just a week before the planned opening of the new Arenaville Airport station (then called Airport), the Marrickville Monorail Company was officially declared bankrupt after months of struggle due to low patronage on the Monorail. The Monorail track lay dormant above the streets for half a year, until a new company, the Metro Monorail Company, was founded. The name of the Monorail was renamed the Metro Monorail as a result. The Metro Monorail opened in 2045 with the opening of the delayed Arenaville Airport station. Most of the names of the stations were changed after the demise of the Marrickville Monorail Company and the founding of the Metro Monorail Company.

In 2048 an extra station between Stonesand Arena and Arenaville Airport stations was completed, and named NotchRail Headquarters, after the nearby and then-newly moved NotchRail Headquarters.

In 2066 the NotchRail Corporation bought the Metro Monorail from the Metro Monorail Company, and the line was designated Line 00 of the NotchRail network.

Today, the Monorail is operated by the Metro Monorail Company, which is under a contract with the NotchRail Corporation. In this way the Metro Monorail is part of the NotchRail network.

Opening History

  • December 12, 2040 - The original section of the line, from Craft 'n' Mine (now Central Road) to Inner Marrickville (now Biodome), with 3 stations, opens.
  • January 24, 2041 - Extensions on both ends of the line, open - a southern extension to Sandy Drive (now Animal Farm), with 1 new station, and a western extension to City Forest (now Hawthorne Park), with 1 new station.
  • July 5, 2042 - An extension to Arenaville Terminus (now Stonesand Arena), with 1 new station, opens.
  • February 1, 2043 - Lava Hallway (now Garfield Road) opens.
  • March 9, 2045 - An extension to Airport (now Arenaville Airport), with 1 new station.
  • September 17, 2048 - NotchRail Headquarters opens.


Station Code Opened Suburb Former name(s) Connections
Animal Farm - Arenaville Airport
City Museum CMU Dellfield NotchRail
Animal Farm AFM 2041 Marrickville Sandy Drive (2041 - 2044)
Central Road CRD 2040 Central Craft 'n' Mine (2041 - 2044) NotchRail
Metro LightRail
Shroom Houses SHO 2040 Marrickville NotchBus
Biodome BIO 2040 Marrickville Inner Marrickville (2040 - 2044)
Nan Tien Temple (2044 - 2047)
Metro LightRail
Hawthorne Park HPK 2041 Marrickville City Forest (2041 - 2066) Metro LightRail
Zela Street ZST Marrickville City Forest (planned name)
Garfield Road GRD 2043 Marrickville West Police Station (planned name)
Lava Hallway (2043 - 2044)
Stonesand Arena SSA 2042 Arenaville West Arenaville Terminus (2042)
Old PvP Arena (2042 - 2044)
PvP Arena (2045 - 2047)
NotchRail Headquarters NHQ 2048 Marrickville West NotchRail
Arenaville Airport APT 2045 Arenaville West Airport (2045 - 2047) NotchRail

Future plans

There are plans for more lines and extensions. A proposed extension from Animal Farm to the City Museum, with a connection with the NotchRail network is in planning.