This page lists all streets in Notchropolis and its surrounds in alphabetical order. 


A - 20 

  • Acacia Road
  • Achelous Drive
  • Adam Terrace
  • Agnes Street
  • Airport Crescent
  • Allandale Street
  • Alpha Drive
  • Amadeus Street
  • Anderson Highway
  • Annie Place
  • Anvil Street
  • Anzac Avenue
  • Anzac Square
  • Apperture Drive
  • Archidon Avenue
  • Arenaville Road
  • Arenaville Square
  • Arthur Street
  • Ashleigh Highway
  • Avenue Street

B - 16

  • Bach Road

Backstage Parade

Banks Avenue

Bargo Road

Barry Road

Bartok Street

Bath Road

Bells Place

Bent Street

Biodome Street

Blackshaw Avenue

Bomis Place

Bradfield Road

Bridge Street

Brookfield Road

Buchanan Avenue

C - 20

  • Cambridge Street 
  • Cammhilar Place
  • Cam Street
  • Candel Street
  • Caroline Crescent
  • Carter Crescent
  • Castlebrook Highway
  • Cemetery Road
  • Central Road
  • Chester Parade
  • Chopin Avenue
  • Claremont Drive
  • Clyde Parade
  • Coan Street
  • Colossus Drive
  • Como Parade
  • Corholder Street
  • Costa Avenue
  • Craft Street
  • Crown Street

D - 13

  • Dagula Street 
  • Dale Crescent
  • Dale Street
  • Delta Place
  • Dennis Street
  • Dickson Close
  • Diner Street
  • Donald Place
  • Door Close
  • Dunmore Lane
  • Dunmore Road
  • Dunwell Avenue
  • Dylan Lane

E - 14 

East Drive

  • East Street
  • Eastwood Road
  • Edinburgh Street
  • Edwin Street
  • Eedee Place
  • Egworth Lane
  • Elizabeth Drive
  • Embassy Drive
  • Entwhistle Place
  • Erskine Lane
  • Erskine Street
  • Evergreen Terrace
  • Eysark Road

F - 6

  • Fifth Avenue

Filmore Place

First Avenue

Forest Road

Fourth Avenue

Fred Avenue

G - 20 

Galga Place

Game Trail

Ganges Road

Garden Avenue

Garfield Road

Garrett Crescent

Gary Street

Gate Place

Gaung Street

Gencur Avenue

George Street

Glasgow Road

Glenelg Place

Godfrey Avenue

Gordon Street

  • Grace Street
  • Graham Street
  • Grant Parade
  • Great North Road
  • Greendale Road

H - 18 

Hall Place

Halls Parade

Harding Street

Harrison Avenue

Harrison Court

Harry Terrace

Haslem Drive

Haydn Crescent

Hayman Drive

Hay Street

Heaney Avenue

Henji Avenue

High Street

Hopkins Street

Hornsby Street

Howard Road

Humperdinck Place

Hyde Avenue

I - 3 

Isaac Crescent

  • Island Close

Isle Square

J - 6 

Jackson Parade

Jay Street

Jefferson Road

Jeffrey Place

Joyce Street

Junction Street

K - 13 

Kangaroo Place

Keith Avenue

Kelvinatta Avenue

Kennedy Circuit

Kesting Avenue

Kesting Lane

Kevin Court

Keyn Highway

Kings Road

Kingswood Avenue

Korts Avenue

Korts Road

Kurt Avenue

L - 11 

Lavaside Drive

  • Leonay Street
  • Lillian Lane
  • Linden Street
  • Liszt Road
  • Lithgow Crescent
  • Little Street
  • Loftus Avenue
  • Louis Terrace
  • Ludwig Street
  • Lunga Avenue

M - 18 

Manor Place

Margaret Circuit

Mariner Street

Marines Road

Marmion Road

Mary Street

Mayor Lane

McKinley Avenue

McLean Court

Meadow Road

Mitchell Terrace

Moira Street

  • Montanaro Parade
  • Morning Drive
  • Mulgoa Road
  • Mulroney Lane
  • Mulroney Road
  • Murray Place

N - 8 

National Avenue

New Bark Highway

New Town Road

Normal Drive

Norman Highway

North Street

Notchropolis Street

Notch Street

O - 2 

Oldale Drive

Olympic Avenue

P - 15 

Park Drive

Park Street

Parkes Place

Penn Lane

Penrith Drive

Persson Highway

Peter Street

Pitt Street

Plains Drive

Point Lane

Point Street

  • Polk Place
  • Price Crescent
  • Primrose Lane
  • Prince Place

Q - 1 

Questacon Circuit

R - 16 

Railway Parade

Railway Road

Rainbow Man Street

Ray Street

Redfern Avenue

Reserve Road

River Road

Riverside Avenue

Roosevelt Street

Rose Street

Rowley Crescent

Royce Place

Rubey Close

Ryddence Close

Ryde Highway

Ryde Road

S - 27 

Safari Way

Sandy Drive

Scott Place

Scott Road

Second Avenue

Seventh Avenue

Seymour Avenue

Seymour Parade

Sherwood Road

Siding Street

Silverdale Highway

Silverdale Street

Sixth Avenue

Southern Road

South Street

Spring Road

Spring Street

Stable Street

Stadium Drive

Stadium Street

Station Avenue

Station Place

Station Street

Station Street

Stride Esplanade

Sweeting Place

T - 19 

Taft Lane

Taft Street

Tangara Parade

Tay Place

Tennyson Drive

Teviot Avenue

The Avenue

Third Avenue

Thorncraft Parade

Thyraile Road

Tombolo Road

Tower Street

Town Street

Train Crescent

Troy Avenue

Tudar Lane

Tudar Road

Twin Crescent

Tyler Crescent

U - 0

V - 6 

Victory Road

Villa Avenue

Ville Lane

Ville Way

Vincent Street

Voyager Road

W - 14 

  • Walton Crescent

Washington Avenue

Water Place

Wattle Lane

Wattle Parade

Waverly Road

Wharf Street

Wheatley Road

Widhiwipati Avenue

Wilderness Drive

Wiragul Road

Woods Parade

Wyair Road

Wyndle Court

X - 0

Y - 4 

Yard Lane

Yard Street

Yarran Street

Yass Avenue

Z - 2 

Zealous Street

Zela Street