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All 125 seats in the Enderronian Parliament
63 seats needed for a majority
Turnout 11,398,133 (91.67%) (Increase2.png 0.08pp)
CalvinRhinehart.jpg AlexHolthe.jpg SusanLiew.jpg
Leader Calvin Rhinehart Alex Holthe Susan Liew
Party United Social Democrats New Democratic
Leader since 16 December 1967 6 April 1967 4 May 1967
Leader's seat Parkes (JZ) Fairfax (FL) Won Chung'an (LS)
Last election 94 seats, 55.51% 30 seats, 33.14% 0 seats, 6.23%
Seats won 77 45 1
Seat change Decrease2.png 17 Increase2.png 15 Increase2.png 1
Popular vote 5,920,017 3,534,306 866,258
Percentage 48.26% 38.50% 7.60%
Swing Decrease2.png 7.25pp Increase2.png 5.36pp Increase2.png 1.37pp
TPP 55.09% 44.91%
TPP swing Decrease2.png 3.31pp Increase2.png 3.31pp

Winning party by electorate

Prime Minister before election Elected Prime Minister
Calvin Rhinehart
Social Democrats
Calvin Rhinehart
Social Democrats

A federal election was held in Enderron on Saturday 19 October 1974 to elect the 125 members of the 8th Enderronian Parliament. It was held concurrently with two referendums, one on daylight saving and one on speed limits.

The incumbent Social Democratic Party government, led by Prime Minister Calvin Rhinehart, defeated the opposition United Party, led by Alex Holthe, and retained a substantial majority, although much reduced from the previous election. It was the first time a Social Democratic government was re-elected with a majority. Additionally, the New Democratic Party returned to parliament, with leader Susan Liew narrowly winning the seat of Chung'an.

Prime Minister Calvin Rhinehart was hugely popular during his first years in office, but his government suffered through the 1973 oil crisis and 1973–1975 recession. The soaring inflation and unemployment rate created a difficult environment for the Social Democrats and an opportunity for United to make gains. The SDP government campaigned on continuing the implementation of its progressive and reformist agenda, as well as steering Enderron out of the oil crisis and recession through its Keynesian economic platform. The United opposition focused on the SDP's failure to act quickly during the crisis and questioned the government's economic credentials. Voters on the most part were satisfied with the Rhinehart Government's direction and there was little mood for a change in government. Ultimately, United was able to take 15 seats off the Social Democrats, mostly in areas of United heartland lost during the 1970 landslide. The SDP suffered a 3.3 percent TPP swing, but the damage was cushioned by the large majority it won at the previous election.


77 3 45
Social Democrats O United
Party Votes % Swing Seats +/−
Social Democrats 5,500,739 48.26 Decrease2.png 7.25 77 Decrease2.png 17
United 4,388,281 38.50 Increase2.png 5.36 45 Increase2.png 15
New Democratic 866,258 7.60 Increase2.png 1.37 1 Increase2.png 1
Conservative 377,278 3.31 Increase2.png 1.61 0 Steady2.png 0
Other 265,576 2.33 Decrease2.png 1.09 2 Increase2.png 1
Two-party-preferred vote
Social Democrats 6,279,231 55.09 Decrease2.png 3.31 77 Decrease2.png 17
United 5,118,902 44.91 Increase2.png 3.31 45 Increase2.png 15
Total 11,398,133 100 125

Independents: Frank Blackburn, Brian Callister

First preference vote
Social Democrats
New Democratic
Two-party-preferred vote
Social Democrats
Seats in Parliament
Social Democrats

Seats changing hands

Seat Pre-1974 Swing Post-1974
Party Member Margin Margin Member Party
Bayswater, WE Social Democrats Simone Volakis 1.63 9.84 8.21 Spencer Fox United
Braddon, NS Social Democrats Nick Carey 6.14 9.89 3.75 Clay Gordon United
Chung'an, LS Social Democrats Andrew Rolland 10.45 10.72 0.27 Susan Liew New Democratic
Cook, PL Social Democrats Carl Bailey 3.75 4.72 0.97 Charles Edwards United
Devereaux, WE Social Democrats Larry Valencia 2.90 4.16 1.26 John Paul Hanson United
East Shore, JZ Social Democrats Joan Swanson 2.05 12.73 10.68 Anthony Babbage United
Epsom, NS Social Democrats Eddie Maddox 2.48 7.05 4.57 Len Severn United
Formosa, JZ Social Democrats Bill Bennett 2.28 7.15 4.87 Andrew Quinton United
Gibson, PL Social Democrats John Morris 4.28 4.37 0.09 Kelvin Davidson United
Kingfisher, FL Social Democrats John Beringer 0.25 13.51 13.26 Steven Falconer United
Latham, WS Social Democrats John Murphy-Day 7.10 7.86 0.76 Leland Smith United
Normanhurst, CO Social Democrats Len Trevarthen 3.98 9.82 5.84 Terry Ziegler United
Oxley, CO Social Democrats Harry Cortez 4.01 14.13 10.12 Peter Washington United
Plymouth Northern, PL Social Democrats Oscar Reid 1.38 2.53 1.15 Neil Rothenberg United
Sierra, SA Social Democrats Owen McKinley 5.69 N/A 1.77 Brian Callister Independent
Tojima West, TJ Social Democrats Rudy Horne 2.17 2.99 0.82 Rei Nagasawa United
Van Buren, SA Social Democrats Martin Wagner 4.32 6.11 1.79 Tom Preston United
Wolseley, NS Social Democrats Malcolm Brown 3.25 5.39 2.14 Mike Behrens United
Yamaguchi, TJ Social Democrats Ken Tamura 1.76 5.19 3.43 Ross Aldous United


Lowe (WE) Hayden Burgess SDP 0.41
O'Malley (MA) Pete Randall SDP 0.72
Wollstonecraft (LR) Darlene McDonald SDP 0.77
Simpson (CO) Frank Hunter SDP 1.03
Eltham (WE) Dylan Collins SDP 1.50
Jackson (WE) Hamish Lewis SDP 1.78
Spilner (WS) Alex Reynolds SDP 2.08
Stewart (PL) George Coombes SDP 2.14
Endeavour (CO) Carl Feighan SDP 2.18
Forrest (MA) Clancy Street SDP 2.37
Devon (PL) Arthur Finlay SDP 2.57
Hexham (PL) Tom Johnston SDP 2.76
Duyfken (SY) Glen Ellis SDP 2.81
Brooklyn (JZ) Bill Myers SDP 2.95
Lake Macquarie (KA) Douglas Chang SDP 3.05
Nishihama (TJ) Craig Taggart SDP 3.33
Matsunaga (TJ) Ichiro Matsuno SDP 3.39
Lynn (PL) Lionel Wicks SDP 3.82
Forsythia Central (NS) Jack Bancroft SDP 3.85
Barris (WE) Frances Crawford SDP 3.92
Rosslea (JZ) Jim Cargill SDP 4.02
Newton (WE) Louise Haase SDP 4.51
Whetstone (WE) Rob Shadbolt SDP 4.67
Warwick (FL) Ian Bowden SDP 4.83
Cunningham (SY) Earl Ousley SDP 4.88
Timmermans (NS) Jonas Bloemen SDP 5.65
Johnson (PL) Jack Warren SDP 5.94
Palmerston East (LS) Scott McKinnon SDP 5.94
Fairly safe
Nanshan (LS) Dwight Suzuki SDP 7.08
Avalon City (FL) Jasper Neal SDP 7.52
Kingston (PL) Jeff Brown SDP 7.74
Coburn (NS) Ben Wall SDP 7.79
Rockingham Central (CO) Austin Shillingford SDP 8.42
St Claire (PL) Richard Hart SDP 8.57
Summer Coast (WS) Stu Weston SDP 8.61
Lyndhurst (NS) Ruth Ziegler SDP 9.01
Rockingham North (CO) David Drew SDP 9.03
Anderson (WE) Marcel Wu SDP 9.10
Longshan West (LS) Charlie Lin SDP 9.21
Hannigan (WE) Sam Donovan SDP 9.34
Edison (WE) William Woodward SDP 9.90
Cheltenham (CO) Mike Saunders SDP 10.44
Tanshui (JZ) Leonard Lee SDP 10.45
Parkes (JZ) Calvin Rhinehart SDP 10.46
Wellington (WE) Stephen Laing SDP 11.04
Hamilton (WS) Reg Wardell SDP 11.05
Lewisham (PL) Luke Hodges SDP 11.35
Kensington (WE) Scott Jackson SDP 12.02
Heathbridge (WE) Danny George SDP 12.14
Taylor (PL) Brendan Mulligan SDP 12.19
Hayakita (TJ) Danielle Lawrie SDP 12.20
Nanhai (PL) Joe Moriarty SDP 12.50
Durston (TJ) Curt Goodwin SDP 12.67
Gardner (JZ) Harry O'Donnell SDP 13.02
Jingcheng (LS) Lillian Atkins SDP 13.62
Leightonfield (NS) Michael Warner SDP 13.75
Rockingham South (CO) Bert Ollongren SDP 13.85
Grey (NS) Ed Allison SDP 14.93
Wentworth (WE) Jeremy Hagans SDP 15.02
Fairfield (NC) Benjamin Leitner SDP 15.07
Woodleigh (NS) John Sullivan SDP 15.31
Shirakawa Central (TJ) Jon Nakamura SDP 15.58
Mizuoka (KA) Aaron Crowe SDP 16.23
Kingscliffe (JZ) James Thorpe SDP 16.49
Harvey (TJ) Cheryl White SDP 16.75
Douglas (PL) Tim Arnett SDP 17.05
Reedijk (CO) Taylor Colbeck SDP 17.51
Shirakawa South (TJ) Jim Halston SDP 17.53
Taralga (KA) Vic Cooper SDP 17.71
Nottingham (MA) Hugh Dunford SDP 18.83
Torrens (WE) Toby Price SDP 19.01
Karburgh (NC) Billy Caines SDP 19.07
Very safe
Palmerston West (LS) Ray Sutton SDP 20.98
Victoria (PL) Darnell Walker SDP 22.07
Dover (NC) Alex Dos Santos SDP 24.87
Port William (WS) Thomas Groff SDP 25.06
Bexley (WE) Margaret Lyons SDP 26.46
Gibson (PL) Kelvin Davidson UP 0.09
Monash (NS) William Carroll UP 0.30
Latham (WS) Leland Smith UP 0.76
Tojima West (TJ) Rei Nagasawa UP 0.82
Cook (PL) Charles Edwards UP 0.97
Plymouth Northern (PL) Neil Rothenberg UP 1.15
Devereaux (PL) John Paul Hanson UP 1.26
Wendell (PL) Charles Bland UP 1.52
McLaughlin (LR) Matthew Spradlin UP 1.62
Van Buren (SA) Tom Preston UP 1.79
Wolseley (NS) Mike Behrens UP 2.14
Linden (WE) Roger Baker UP 2.34
Mount Gilbert (MA) Randy McBride UP 2.75
Merewether (NS) Ingrid Olson UP 3.15
Hacking (NS) Jack Deane UP 3.41
Yamaguchi (TJ) Ross Aldous UP 3.43
Braddon (NS) Clay Gordon UP 3.75
Orange (WS) Jeff McAllister UP 4.52
Epsom (NS) Len Severn UP 4.57
Formosa (JZ) Andrew Quinton UP 4.87
Roscoe (WS) Lyndon Howison UP 5.72
Berkeley (PL) Paul Everman UP 5.79
Normanhurst (CO) Terry Ziegler UP 5.84
Plymouth Southern (PL) Brad Toole UP 5.96
Fairly safe
Hunter (LR) Frederick Bosman UP 6.55
Sunshine (TJ) Lawrence MacMahon UP 7.11
Mayfair (CO) Lou Abbott UP 7.75
Fairfax (FL) Alex Holthe UP 7.99
Bayswater (WE) Spencer Fox UP 8.21
Kuiper (TJ) David Kawasaki UP 8.33
Goulburn (KA) Jeremy Kenner UP 8.64
Middle Range (WS) John Epstein UP 8.88
Oxley (CO) Peter Washington UP 10.12
Harrison (FL) Robert Shields UP 10.40
East Shore (JZ) Anthony Babbage UP 10.68
Tregear (CO) Blake Edwards UP 10.83
Carlisle (FL) Jeremy Kohler UP 11.75
Double Bay (NS) Bert Campbell UP 12.22
Dorterhoek (WE) Keith Herbert UP 12.33
Rock Valley (NS) Rupert Clarke UP 13.03
Kingfisher (FL) Steven Falconer UP 13.26
Marshall Bay (CO) Ken Harding UP 13.77
Kennedy (WS) Clive Dobson UP 15.94
Epping (PL) Vincent Speakman UP 17.33
Brighton (WE) Christopher Gallagher UP 18.42
Chung'an (LS) Susan Liew NDP 0.27
Sierra (SA) Brian Callister IND 1.77
Aston (PL) Frank Blackburn IND 7.24