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Enderron Democrats
Enderron Democraten
恩德龙民主党 Ēndélóng Mínzhǔdǎng
エンデロン民主党 Enderon Minshu-tō
Leader Matt Kingston
Deputy Leader Ryan Fallon
Parliamentary Leader Pauline Morrison
Founded 18 February 1989
Membership 16,800 (2019)
Ideology National conservatism
Enderronian nationalism
Economic liberalism
Right-wing populism
Climate change denial
Conspiracy theorism
Political position Right-wing to far-right
Colour      Yellow
Slogan Vote for Freedom
1 / 150
6 / 907

The Enderron Democrats (ED, commonly referred to as the Democrats[1]) are a right-wing populist party in Enderron. Its platform consists of a mix of economically liberal, nationalist and conservative populist policies.

The party grew from a neo-fascist underground movement in 1989 before officially rejecting racism and fascism in its manifesto in 1994. It first gained national prominence after the high-profile defection of Social Democratic MP John Durham in 1997, after which it won 7.25 percent of the nationwide vote in the 1998 federal election, amidst growing racial tensions across the country. Following the election, the party entered a period of decline due to leadership issues. Since the early 2010s it has experienced a revival of popularity, and it won the seat of Scott in Cooksland in the 2014 federal election, polling 9.5 percent nationwide. Its vote decreased in the 2018 election, and it narrowly retained Scott on a two-party-preferred vote of 50.4 percent.

Since the 2000s the party has made significant efforts to 'soften' its image, disavowing all racism and discrimination, and distancing itself from its neo-Nazi origins. The party has shifted more towards the political centre under current leader Matt Kingston, adopting a more right-libertarian stance and moving away from a hard anti-immigration and protectionist rhetoric. It retains a conservative populist stance on social issues, and its voting base and party membership remains overwhelmingly white and male. Its electoral support is concentrated in regional areas and the outer suburban areas of Enderron's larger cities.

The party's stated goals are to reduce the size of government, defend Enderron's cultural heritage and history, protect Enderronians' individual freedoms and personal responsibilities, and promote cultural assimilation. The party believes that immigration to Enderron has been too high, threatening national identity and social cohesion, and that official multiculturalism has failed. It also seeks to abolish several anti-discrimination and anti-hate speech laws.

While formerly highly economically interventionist, the Enderron Democrats currently present themselves as a party adhering to fiscally conservative principles, being in favour of minimising government debt, cutting tariffs on Enderronian exports, abolishing several taxes and levies, reducing or removing several government programs, increasing defence spending, and supporting domestic manufacturing. The party also advocates for a full reform of the Enderronian welfare system, the scrapping of affirmative action social programs, the abolition of the federal carbon tax, the relaxation of gun control laws, and the introduction of tougher sentencing for serious crimes. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the party has opposed restrictions and lockdown measures, vaccine passports, mandatory vaccinations, and mask mandates.

Federal party leaders

The Enderron Democrats did not elect an official party leader until 28 November 1997.

No. Name Term began Term ended Time in office
1 Paul Rigley 28 November 1997 14 September 1999 1 year, 290 days
2 Vern Harradine 14 September 1999 9 December 2000 1 year, 86 days
3 Daniel Seymour 9 December 2000 19 August 2006 5 years, 253 days
4 Jim Ronald Ralph 19 August 2006 6 December 2019 13 years, 109 days
5 Matt Kingston 6 December 2019 Incumbent 1 year, 312 days

Deputy party leaders

  • Vern Harradine (1997–1999, 2000–2002)
  • Michael Dickson (1999–2000)
  • Doug Constantinos (2002–2006)
  • Travis Stevens (2006–2013)
  • Shirley Edwards (2013–2019)
  • Ryan Fallon (2019–present)

Election results


Election Seats won ± Total votes % Position Government Leader
0 / 140
Steady2.png 0 19,387 0.14% Increase2.png 7th No seats No leader
0 / 140
Steady2.png 0 72,188 0.50% Increase2.png 7th No seats
0 / 140
Steady2.png 0 1,076,865 7.25% Increase2.png 4th No seats Paul Rigley
0 / 150
Steady2.png 0 645,801 4.21% Decrease2.png 5th No seats Daniel Seymour
0 / 150
Steady2.png 0 515,915 3.16% Steady2.png 5th No seats Jim Ronald Ralph
0 / 150
Steady2.png 0 211,607 1.25% Steady2.png 5th No seats
1 / 150
Increase2.png 1 1,707,691 9.49% Increase2.png 4th Crossbench
1 / 150
Steady2.png 0 1,214,649 6.47% Decrease2.png 5th Crossbench
6 / 194
Steady2.png 5 3.37% Decrease2.png 6th Crossbench Matt Kingston


Election Candidate First preference Result
President Vice President Total votes %
1994 No candidate
2000 Jim Ronald Ralph Michael Dickson 5.52% (#5)
2006 Jim Ronald Ralph Michael Dickson 3.47% (#5)
2012 Travis Stevens David Bell 4.13% (#5)
2018 David Lamberti Riley Chinchilla 5.12% (#4)


  1. While commonly known as "the Democrats" in media or colloquial speech, the party almost always officially refers to itself by its full name, the Enderron Democrats.