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斯科特 Sīkētè
スコット Sukotto
Enderronian Parliament
Location of Scott in Cooksland
District Details
Created 1990
MP Pauline Morrison
Party    Enderron Democrats
Namesake Roger Scott
Electors 129,248
Area 2,333 km²
Demographic Rural

Scott is an electoral district of the Enderronian Parliament in Cooksland Prefecture. It was created in the 1990 redistribution and first contested at the federal election later that year. It is a near-landlocked semi-rural electorate in the south of the prefecture, stretching between the outskirts of Reedijk and Rockingham to the border with Westhaven Prefecture. The seat is named after Enderronian author Roger Scott.

The sitting member, since the 2014 federal election, is Pauline Morrison, a member of the Enderron Democrats.


First proclaimed in the 1990 redistribution, Scott was carved out of the neighbouring electorates of Endeavour and Marshall Bay, and is effectively a successor to the abolished electorate of West Ranges, which covered a similar area during the early 20th century.

Prior to 2014, Scott was a relatively safe seat for the Liberal Party, being a rural electorate in fairly conservative territory. However, since the 2000s the party's hold on the seat has become more tenuous, and the rise of the Enderron Democrats gradually whittled down its safeness. In 2014 the Democrats won Scott from the Liberals, gaining their first parliamentary seat won at a general election. The party retained Scott by a narrow margin of 0.44 percent in 2018.

There have been proposals for the district to be jointly named for Samuel David Scott, who was prime minister from 1900 to 1901. However, as of 2020 no such action has been taken.


# Member Party Term
1 Barry Dupras Social Democrats 1990–1994
3 Ryan Barr Conservative 1994–2000
Liberal 2000–2010
National 2010–2011
3 Alex Patrick Liberal 2011–2014
4 Pauline Morrison Democrats 2014–

Election results

Enderronian federal election, 2018: Scott
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Democrats Pauline Morrison 44,115 37.82 –3.68
Liberal Alex Patrick 29,791 25.54 –1.67
National James Meyer 18,803 16.12 –1.26
Social Democrats Rachel Wilcox 16,132 13.83 +3.41
Greens Shaquita Riley 4,946 4.24 +0.75
Independent Norman Han 2,858 2.45 +2.45
Total formal votes 116,644 96.53 +1.55
Informal votes 4,188 3.47 –1.55
Turnout 120,832 93.49 +2.31
Two-party-preferred result
Liberal Alex Patrick 65,892 56.49 –2.97
Social Democrats Rachel Wilcox 50,752 43.51 +2.97
Two-candidate-preferred result
Democrats Pauline Morrison 58,835 50.44 –1.80
Liberal Alex Patrick 57,809 49.56 +1.80
Democrats hold Swing –1.80