L2 (EWL)
East-West Line
诺城地铁2号线 (东西线)
Nuòchéng Dìtiě Èr Hào Xiàn (Dōngxī Xiàn)
Jalur Timur Barat
Route map
Transit type Rapid transit
System NotchRail
Termini Accumula Town
Oldale Village
Stations 21 in operation
7 in planning
Services 3
Opened 30 March 2024
Owner Jebsten State Government
Operator(s) NotchTransit Corporation
Character Ground
Depot(s) Moss Vale
Fleet H Set
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8½ in)
standard gauge
Electrification DC 1500 V third rail

The L2 East-West Line is a rapid transit line in the NotchRail network. It was formerly named the Inner South-West Line (2024–2035), the Inner South Line (2035–2058) and the Downtown Line (2058–2073).

The line is coloured orange in NotchRail's timetables and other promotional materials.


Usage surveys have been conducted on the Downtown Line. Because of the "curved" nature of the Downtown Line, many commuters living near railway stations near the end of the line would usually take a bus to Central or take a train to Notchropolis University station and change. There is currently no solution proposed.


The Downtown Line was constructed from 2017 to 2023, and was opened in 2024 to the station of Op Castle (then Op Castle/Safari Zone). At this point the line was called the Inner South-West Line.

By then the line consisted of the following stations:

An extension to Oldale Village was opened in 2035 with 3 new stations. The line was renamed the Inner South Line.

In 2058, the line was renamed again, to the Downtown Line.

Opening History

  • March 30, 2024 - The initial section of the line, from CS Tower (now Downtown) to Op Castle/Safari Zone (now Notchropolis University), with 4 stations, opens.
  • April 2, 2035 - An extension to Oldale (now Oldale Village), with 3 new stations, opens.
  • October 18, 2036 - Museum Back (now Jordanville) opens.
  • June 27, 2052 - The Dellfield Line reopens as a branch line of the Downtown Line.
  • February 6, 2067 - An extension of the line to Central, with 4 new stations, opens.


Number Station Code Opened LGA Interchange
Accumula Town – Oldale Village
EW1 Accumula Town 唐草鎮 唐草町 ACT 2067 Linford
EW2 Moss Junction 莫斯交界处 モス合流 MSC 2067 Greater Moss
EW3 Bonnie Vale 邦妮谷 ボニー谷 BOV
EW4 Tarralerra 塔拉勒拉 タラレラ TEA
EW5 Gordon Springs 戈登泉 ゴードン泉 GDS 2070
EW6 Fallshurst 夫斯好 ファルスハースト FSH Moss
EW7 Moss Glade 莫斯空地 モス空地 MGL 2060
EW8IT11 Moss Vale 莫斯谷 モス谷 MVE 2043 L9
EW9 Courage Point 勇气角 勇気岬 CPT 2070 Riverview
EW10 Yin Yang 阴阳 陰陽 YNG 2070
EW11IT10 Colgalah 科华 コガラー CLH 2040 L9
EW12 Elgoog Cove 歌谷湾 エルゴグ湾 ELC 2040
EW13WR30ES4 Pete's Corner 皮特街 ピートズ通り PER 2032 L5L8
EW14WR29 Beresford 贝雷斯福 ベレスフォード BFD 2032 Allandale L5
EW15EX19 Grant Gardens 格兰特花园 グラント庭園 GDN 2020 EX
EW16 Telok Ayer 直落亚逸 テロックエア TKY
EW17LK15EX8 USA Expo 美国世博会 米国博覧会 USE 2020 L4EX
EW18CC3LK14EX1 City Hall 市政厅 市役所 CTH 2018 Notchropolis CCL4EX
EW19CC4NS17LK13ST12 Troll House 诡计屋 トリッキー屋 THS 2018 CCL1L4L6
EW20CC7NS21 Downtown 下市 下道 DTN 2007 CCL1
EW21CC8 Como 科莫 コモ CMO 2007 Dellfield CC
EW22CC9 Dellfield Junction 戴尔非结 デルフィールド合流 DFJ 2008 CC
EW23 Jordanville 乔丹围 ジョルダンビル JDI 2014
EW24WS9 Notchropolis University 诺城大学 ノチロ大学 NUS 2007 Inner West L7
EW25 Arenaville Square 阿丽娜围广场 アレナビル広場 ASQ 2011
EW26WS10 ChessCraft 棋世界 チェスクラフト CHT 2011 Macquarie Fields L7
EW27 Edgecliff 崖勤猎 エッジグリフ EGF 2054
EW28 Oldale Village 古辰镇 古時町 ODV 2015

Stopping patterns

Central to Oldale Village trains typically run on the following patterns:

1. All stations (main line): Central, Troll House, Hospital, Mortdale, Downtown, Como, Dellfield Junction, Jordanville, Notchropolis University, Arenaville Square, ChessCraft, Oldale Village
2. All stations (branch): Central, Troll House, Hospital, Mortdale, Downtown, Como, Dellfield Junction, Dellfield Park, City Museum, Zone Lobby
3. Limited stops (main line): Central, Troll House, Hospital, Mortdale, Downtown, Dellfield Junction, Notchropolis University, ChessCraft, Oldale Village
4. Limited stops (branch): Central, Troll House, Hospital, Mortdale, Downtown, Dellfield Junction, City Museum, Zone Lobby
5. Express: Central, Troll House, Downtown, Dellfield Junction, Notchropolis University, ChessCraft, Oldale Village