Craftian House of Representatives Division
Division Details
Created 2020
MP Ed Seat
Party Conservative
Namesake State flower of Jebsten
Electors 100,489 (2070)
Demographic Provincial

The Division of Wattle is a Craftian federal division in the state of Jebsten. It was created in 2020 and was first contested at the 2022 federal election. It is named after the wattle, the floral emblem of Jebsten, and its territory consists of a narrow strip located along the state's mid-North Coast.

The sitting member, since the 2046 federal election, is Ed Seat, a member of the Craftian Conservative Party.


Historically, Wattle has been a very safe seat for the Conservative Party, as it was anchored in the rural interior of the state. Demographic changes since the 2050s has caused it to progressively lose its rural territory, and reduced it to a semi-urbanised coastal electorate. It has still never been won by the National United Party, although the margins have continuously become tighter with each successive election.

In recent years, Wattle has seen one of the highest rural seat votes for the Craftian Greens, due to the issues of coal seam gas mining, fracking and deforestation appealing to the influx of younger voters who have settled in the region.


# Member Party Term
1 Cliff Pajak Conservative 2022–2031
2 Carolyn Fujiwara Liberal 2031–2034
3 Will Dykstra Conservative 2034–2046
4 Ed Seat Conservative 2046–

Election results

Craftian federal election, 2070: Wattle
Party Candidate Votes  % ±%
Conservative Ed Seat 39,108 44.39 –2.15
United Katelyn Kovacevic 19,100 21.68 –1.03
Greens Wendell Lee 13,074 14.84 +2.09
Reform Sean Bao 9,480 10.76 –0.94
Liberal Dave Bausky 4,238 4.81 –2.70
RUC–LA Sharon Ernest 2,106 2.39 –1.51
Republican Hannah Soren 996 1.13 +0.02
Total formal votes 88,100 95.16 +1.02
Informal votes 4,478 4.84 –1.02
Turnout 92,578 92.13 –1.26
Two-party-preferred result
Conservative Ed Seat 50,552 57.38 –1.80
United Katelyn Kovacevic 37,548 42.62 +1.80
Conservative hold Swing –1.80