Craftian House of Representatives Division
Division Details
Created 1986
MP Iva Spaker
Party United
Namesake Waratah plant
Electors 104,157
Demographic Outer metropolitan

The Division of Waratah is a Craftian federal division in the state of Jebsten. It is one of the original 75 divisions contested at the first federal election. It is named after the native waratah plant, abundant in the southern suburbs of Notchropolis which forms the main area in which the division covers.

The sitting member, since the 2061 federal election, is Iva Spaker, a member of the National United Party.


While the southern suburbs of Notchropolis have been heavily United-voting since the seat's creation, Waratah was previously a much larger electorate, spanning from the outer suburbs to parts of the conservative provincial Jebsten hinterland in the south of the state. This made Waratah a somewhat marginal seat, frequently changing hands between the left and right, as well as a relatively reliable bellwether, thanks to its status as a 'mortgage belt' seat. While on paper it appeared to be a relatively safe United seat, the party usually only held it on margins of less than five percent. However, since the 2030s, it has trended strongly towards the United Party, and with the creation of the Division of Changshou in 2049, most of the Conservative-voting territory was eliminated from Waratah. Today it is now one of the NUP's safest seats, and is approximately a fifth of its former size, now only covering the outer southern suburbs of the city.


# Member Party Term
1 Christopher Ottley Liberty 1987–1990
2 Barney Warner National 1990–1995
3 Bryan Tsai-wen Chen United 1995–1998
4 Scott Parker Conservative 1998–2001
(3) Bryan Tsai-wen Chen United 2001–2007
5 Karen McBride United 2007–2016
6 Lee Boise Conservative 2016–2019
7 Jimmy O'Brien United 2019–2028
8 Zack Boise Conservative 2028–2031
(7) Jimmy O'Brien United 2031–2035
9 Casey Lin-McDougall United 2035–2040
10 Shelby Donnellsen United 2040–2049
11 Nick Philippou United 2049–2061
12 Iva Spaker United 2061–

Election results

Craftian federal election, 2070: Waratah
Party Candidate Votes  % ±%
United Iva Spaker 45,253 47.52 +0.66
Conservative Scarlett Gilmartin 23,027 24.18 –1.08
Liberal Rin Tonkin 21,760 22.85 +3.74
Greens Porter Minh 2,066 2.17 –0.18
Independent Tom Luber 1,609 1.69 +1.69
Mojang William Angelos 1,267 1.33 –0.79
Libertarian Gene Ranking 248 0.26 +0.26
Total formal votes 95,230 98.09 +0.02
Informal votes 1,854 1.11 –0.02
Turnout 97,084 93.21 +1.60
Two-party-preferred result
United Iva Spaker 66,071 69.38 +1.72
Conservative Scarlett Gilmartin 29,159 30.62 –1.72
United hold Swing +1.72