Craftian House of Representatives Division
Division Details
Created 1986
MP Michael Wan
Party Liberal
Namesake Laidera region
Electors 117,286 (2070)
Demographic Outer metropolitan

The Division of Laidera (/laɪˈdɪrə/ lye-dirr-rə) is a Craftian federal division in the state of Jebsten. It was created in 1986 and was one of the original 75 divisions contested at the first election in 1986. It is named after and located in the Laidera region of north-west Notchropolis, which is known for being an ethnic enclave for Reatinese Craftians. With 57.2% of the division's population identifying as indigenous, it is one of two Reatinese-plurality electorates in the country, the other being Leichhardt in Lumina, and is by extent the only Reatinese-majority electorate. The Division of Laidera also contains a significant Vietnamese Craftian population (comprising 22.6% of the electorate's population).

The sitting member, since the 2058 federal election, is Michael Wan, a member of the Liberal Party of Craftia.


Due to the division's unique demographic makeup, it often votes idiosyncratically compared to the rest of the nation. Laidera was originally a highly marginal seat due to its status as a 'mortgage belt' electorate. From 1986 to 2013, it voted for a centre-left party at five elections (plus one by-election) compared to voting for a centre-right party four times. After 2013, the Craftian Conservative Party has only held the seat for 6 years. The division elected a member from the Mojang Democratic Party for three terms (2013 to 2022) owing to its large Reatinese population. Since 2040, the seat has been mostly safe for the Liberal Party of Craftia, and current member Michael Wan sits on a 20.98% majority, making it the Liberals' safest seat.

Laidera is the only seat to have been held by two Prime Ministers: Marcus Pierce held it from 1992 to 2000 and William Crestson held it from 2022 to 2036.


# Member Party Term
1 Richard Stillman Liberty 1987–1990
2 Seb Anthony National 1990–1992
3 Marcus Pierce Conservative 1992–2000
4 Gary O'Sullivan United 2000–2001
5 Matthew Vett Liberal 2001–2013
6 George Ong Mojang 2013–2022
7 William Crestson United 2022–2036
8 Sonja Dough Liberal 2036–2037
9 John Forest Conservative 2037–2040
10 Ian Harrison Liberal 2040–2046
11 Louise Johnston Liberal 2046–2049
12 Dave Wong Liberal 2049–2055
13 Kal Loh Conservative 2055–2058
14 Michael Wan Liberal 2058–

Election results

Craftian federal election, 2070: Laidera
Party Candidate Votes  % ±%
Liberal Michael Wan 41,710 45.56 +4.86
Conservative James Huynh 21,258 23.22 –3.55
Mojang Kango Mungala 15,307 16.72 –2.27
United Caroline Zhan 9,311 10.17 +0.72
Independent Jim Hassan 2,884 3.15 +3.15
Greens Jade Nguyen 1,080 1.18 –1.89
Total formal votes 91,549 95.94 +3.73
Informal votes 3,874 4.06 –3.73
Turnout 95,427 81.36 –1.19
Two-party-preferred result
Liberal Michael Wan 64,981 70.98 +3.10
Conservative James Huynh 26,568 29.02 –3.10
Liberal hold Swing +3.10