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Craftian House of Representatives Division
Division Details
Created 2019
MP James Hines
Party United
Namesake Raj Casto
Electors 108,746 (2070)
Demographic Inner metropolitan

The Division of Casto is a Craftian federal division in the state of Western Craftia. It was created in 2019 and first contested at the federal election later that year. Located towards the eastern edge of the central business district of Richmond, Casto is a coastal electorate with a highly multicultural population, directly facing Victoria Harbour. It is named after Raj Casto (1967–2015), the first Indian Craftian Member of Parliament, serving from 2004 to 2015 as the MP for East Richmond; the division was renamed in his honour following his death.

The sitting member, since the 2044 by-election, is James Hines, a member of the National United Party.


Casto is one of the United Party's safest seats in Western Craftia; the party currently sits on a margin of 10.27%. It remains the only electorate in Western Craftia to have voted for United at every election in its existence. It is, however, noticeably polarised, with the northern end of the seat being heavily Conservative-leaning, while the remainder of the seat falling towards the United side of the vote. Casto has slowly shifted northwards through successive redistributions, but this has done little to change its voting patterns.


# Member Party Term
1 Dana Chippendale United 2019–2034
2 Shandi Mangipudi United 2034–2040
3 Kareem Khan Rahman United 2040–2044
4 James Hines United 2044–

Election results

Craftian federal election, 2070: Casto
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
United James Hines 41,143 41.55 +0.85
Conservative Trent Pam 19,755 19.95 +2.21
Liberal Bettina Tamashiro 13,140 13.27 –1.29
Reform Oscar Voliva 12,318 12.44 +3.63
Mojang Grant Baeza 8,140 8.22 +1.50
Greens Cari Paneto 1,525 1.54 –2.17
Libertarian Lynn Shipman 1,198 1.21 +1.21
Christian Unity Frank Siciliano 951 0.96 +0.96
WC Independence Jessie Rago 852 0.86 +0.61
Total formal votes 99,021 94.48 –1.36
Informal votes 5,781 5.52 +1.36
Turnout 104,802 96.37 +2.65
Two-party-preferred result
United James Hines 59,680 60.27 –1.01
Conservative Trent Pam 39,341 39.73 +1.01
United hold Swing –1.01