Craftian House of Representatives Division
Division Details
Created 2031
MP Violet Ying
Party United
Namesake Lia Bonnells
Electors 109,677 (2070)
Demographic Outer metropolitan

The Division of Bonnells is a Craftian federal division in the state of Jebsten. It was created in 2031 and was first contested at the federal election later that year. It is named after Lia Bonnells (2005–2026), a Craftian student activist who was killed by covert Minean forces on Craftian soil following a major anti-Minean protest in Notchropolis. The division is located in the eastern suburbs of Notchropolis, and covers a wide variety of voters, from affluent Conservative- and Liberal-leaning suburbs in the east to more working class United-leaning suburbs in the west and south.

The sitting member, since the 2070 federal election, is Violet Ying, a member of the National United Party.


Bonnells is a rare three-way marginal seat, and its voting patterns are heavily affected by redistributions. While its general area has changed very little since its inception, Bonnells has been located between the NUP's traditional heartland of inner eastern Notchropolis and the more wealthy suburbs towards the eastern outskirts. As a result, a shift of a few kilometres to the east or west can radically alter the seat's political landscape.

Bonnells was carved out of the neighbouring Division of Laidera in 2031, and has taken in most of its affluent and Conservative-voting territory, thus making Laidera a much safer seat for the Liberal Party. Today, it remains relatively marginal between all three major parties.


# Member Party Term
1 Mitchell Woodlands Conservative 2031–2040
2 Zahab Wibowus Liberal 2040–2051
United 2051–2061
3 Mirela Fadden Liberal 2061–2064
4 James Black Conservative 2064–2070
5 Violet Ying United 2070–

Election results

Craftian federal election, 2070: Bonnells
Party Candidate Votes  % ±%
Conservative James Black 34,291 37.14 –4.31
United Violet Ying 23,904 25.89 +1.67
Liberal Jarred Mayeda 21,586 23.38 +2.15
Reform Audie Liu 4,718 5.11 +1.83
Greens Eric Johnson 3,379 3.66 –2.83
Mojang Tzu Wai Chan 1,440 1.56 –1.57
Christian Unity Pamela Nealey 1,080 1.17 +1.17
Libertarian Dean Rosenberg 997 1.08 –1.26
Progressive Rose Wang 933 1.01 +1.01
Total formal votes 92,328 92.65 –1.19
Informal votes 7,324 7.35 +1.19
Turnout 99,652 90.86 –3.58
Two-party-preferred result
United Violet Ying 49,285 53.38 +5.09
Conservative James Black 43,043 46.62 –5.09
United gain from Conservative Swing +5.09