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Cooksland Prefecture
Prefectuur Cooksland
库克兰州 Kùkèlán Zhōu
クックスランド州 Kukkusurando Shū



Nicknames: Enderron's Factory

Country Enderron
Entered federation 24 February 1780 (6th)
Capital Reedijk
Largest city Rockingham
Official languages English
Ethnic groups 75.9% European
16.6% Asian
2.6% Arab
2.4% Pacific peoples
2.5% Other
Religion 47.7% No Religion
37.4% Christianity
6.3% Buddhism
1.8% Shinto
6.9% Other
Demonym Cookslander
- Governor Rhonda Konjarski (LPE)
- Lieutenant-Governor Dave Steinbeck (LPE)
- Premier Andrew Winston (SDP)
- Speaker J. C. Yoganathan (SDP)
Legislature Prefectural Assembly
Federal representation
- Parliamentary seats
12 / 150
- Parliamentary delegation
- Claimed by
British Empire
10 August 1632
- Became county 24 February 1780
- Became prefecture 16 September 1946
Area 15,723 km² (4th)
Population (2018)
- Total 2,545,304 (5th)
- Density 161.9/km² (9th)
GSP (2017–18)
- Total $114.694 billion (5th)
- Per capita $45,061 (6th)
Time zone(s) EST (UTC+9)
EDT (UTC+10)
Highest point TBA
Abbreviation CO

Cooksland Prefecture (/ˈkʊkslənd/, /-lænd/, abbreviated as CO) is a coastal prefecture in western Enderron. It is bordered by Flinders Prefecture to the north, Kaigan Prefecture and Janszoon Prefecture to the northeast, New Surrey Prefecture to the east and Westhaven Prefecture to the south. Its capital city is Reedijk, while its largest city is Rockingham.

Cooksland is named in honour of British explorer James Cook, who died in 1779 in Hawaii en route to a planned visit to the island of Mariana. It is the fifth-most populous prefecture, with a population of 2.5 million, concentrated along the west coast. For most of the 20th century, Cooksland was the centre of Enderron's automotive and steelmaking industries. The prefecture has experienced industrial decline since the 1980s, prompting its economy to diversify into new sectors, particularly tourism, energy production and electronics.

The territory forming modern Cooksland was claimed as part of the British Colony of Carolina in 1632, which became part of the united colony of British Mariana in 1692. On 24 February 1780, Cooksland County was carved out of Carolina Territory, becoming the sixth county of Enderron. Reflecting its strong British heritage, it is one of three prefectures to use a flag that contains the Union Jack, and the only one to retain the Blue Ensign.




Cooksland has a semi-presidential political system, with the Governor of Cooksland Prefecture (currently Rhonda Konjarski of the Liberal Party of Enderron) as the head of state, and the Premier of Cooksland Prefecture (currently Andrew Winston of the Social Democratic Party of Enderron) as the head of government. Its unicameral parliament consists of the 89-member Cooksland Prefectural Assembly, with elections held every four years, using full preferential voting.

Federal representation

Cooksland elects 12 Members of Parliament to the Enderronian Parliament.

Name Party Seat Term
Jo Brigman Liberal Wilson 2007–
Ed Calderon Liberal Mayfair 1986–
Sam Cormack Liberal Oxley 2018–
Greg Dalton Social Democrats Rockingham North 2018–
Nick Fenech Social Democrats Rockingham South 2010–
Emily Gothardt Liberal Normanhurst 2014–
Dora Jiang Liberal Marshall Bay 2010–
Syreeta Kapoor Liberal Druitt 2006–
Pauline Morrison Enderron Democrats Scott 2014–
Thomas van Veen Social Democrats Endeavour 2002–
Jason Vickery Social Democrats Reedijk 2014–
Mike Woods Social Democrats Cheltenham 2018–


Cooksland's politics are traditionally regarded as comparatively conservative relative to other states. Strong polarisation between the liberal city of Rockingham, working class regional cities and conservative rural areas has led to Cooksland having a long tradition of divided government, in which opposing parties control different branches of government. Populism is a major part of Cooksland politics.