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Circle Line
环状线 Huánzhuàng Xiàn
環状線 Kanjō-sen
Route map
Transit type Rapid transit
System Wentworth Metro
Status Operational
Termini Continuous loop; late-night trains terminate at Chalmers Street
Stations 17
Services 1
Daily ridership 480,150 (2018)
Annual ridership 174.90 million (2018)
Opened 2 February 1959
Owner Transport for Wentworth
Operator(s) Wentworth Metro
Character Underground
Depot(s) Kelowna North
Rollingstock B2 Stock (8 cars per train)
Line length TBA
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8½ in)
standard gauge
Electrification DC 1500 V third rail

The Circle Line is a loop rapid transit line of the Wentworth Metro network. It operates as a circle route orbiting the Wentworth central business district, with late-night trains returning to the depot terminating at Chalmers Street. The line forms an important part of the Wentworth Metro network, and is the system's third-busiest, accounting for 16.5 percent of annual ridership.

A loop metro line around the Wentworth CBD was first proposed during the initial planning stages of the metro system in the 1920s. However, due to an exhaustion of funding and the outbreak of World War II, construction did not begin until 1949. The northern segment of the line, between Chalmers Street and Shinjuku (operating in an arc shape) opened in 1959, while the remaining southern segment would not open until 1973.

The line is coloured yellow on system maps.


Opening history

Segment Opened Length Stations Name
Chalmers Street – Shinjuku 2 February 1959 8 Initial section
Shinjuku – Chalmers Street 1 May 1973 7 Loop Link Project
Lexington 4 October 1981 1 Infill stations
Marina Bay 8 May 1990 1 Infill station


Code Station Distance
Opened Interchange Borough
↑ Loop line towards Little Italy (anticlockwise) ↑
C01 Chalmers Street 0.00 1959 56 NR.png Wentworth City
C02 Ashbury 6 Amsterdam
C03 Ashbury Stadium
C04 Formosa East
C05 Metropolitan 8 Wentworth City
C06 Melvin Hills 2
C07 Chiswick 1
C08 Lexington 1981 Fernleigh
C09 Shinjuku 1959 45Airport NR.png MXLogo.png DLRIcon.png Wentworth City
C10 Admiralty 1973 DLRIcon.png
C11 Marina Bay 1990 6
C12 Harbourfront 0.56 1973 2 Bayswater
C13 Promenade 0.77
C14 Banksia 0.71 2 Wentworth City
C15 Rawson Circus 0.64 1
C16 Acacia Park 0.69 8
C17 Little Italy 48
↓ Loop line towards Chalmers Street (clockwise) ↓