ChessCraft is a NotchRail station on the Downtown Line and Summerley Line. It is the southern terminus of the Summerley Line. Besides serving the ChessCraft Arena and the eastern side of the Edgecliff township, its main purpose is being the interchange station between the two lines.

Xiàngqí Guǎngchǎng
Plaza Catur
The kiosk area of ChessCraft.
Station Details
Opened September 4, 2029 (Western Line)
April 2, 2035 (East-West Line)
Suburb Edgecliff
Type of station Underground
Number of Platforms 3
Platform arrangement 1 side
1 island (2 platforms)
Stopping trains Suburban all stations
Suburban limited stops
Transfers Bus
Ridership 3482 (43rd)
Station code CHT


Platform Line Services Notes
Platform 1 East-West Line all stations and limited stops services to Central and Oldale Village single platform serving two tracks
Platform 2 Western Line all stations and limited stops services to Twinleaf Town
Platform 3 Western Line terminating services from Twinleaf Town

Neighbouring stations

Preceding station NotchRail Following station
Arenaville Square
towards Central
East-West Line Edgecliff
towards Oldale Village
Preceding station NotchRail Following station
Western Line Arenaville West
towards Twinleaf Town


  • ChessCraft and CraftField are the only stations to have their names in CamelCase.