Bob's Farm is a small rural ghost town approximately ??? km south-west of Notchropolis.


In the 1890's the area around Bob's Farm was used for growing Mung Beans. The amount of farms grew to a point where traveling to Notchropolis to sell goods at markets and stores was unviable, and a new town was needed.

Bob's Farm was founded in 1949 by Robert Jones, who named it Jonesfield after himself. It was originally a farm, which grew into a small community with markets and houses. It had a population of approximately 150 people.

The town's population peaked in the late 1960's at 302, but declined due to the outsourcing of mung bean farming around 1970. By 1972 the population was only 56, and by 1977 only three people lived in the town - the town founder and mayor, Robert Jones, the owner of the town's tavern the Fantasia Bar, and a farmer.

In 1976 Robert Jones died in his home in Bob's Farm. The two remaining residents left the town soon after.