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Thunderay Thunderay 18 May 2015

Next POW for 18/5-24/5

It's that time of the week again! Vote for your next POW in the poll below!

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Thunderay Thunderay 15 May 2015

Player(s) of the Week - Tim Li and Jack Ralph

Hello again! It's time for me, Alfredo, to announce the POW for 18-24 of May.

In the poll for POW, it was a close race between Jack Ralph (RapidPVP) and Tim Li (Timmie321), with both players actually tying by the end of the poll. Initially, I was only going to do Timothy Li because of the voices in my head, but the outpour of outrage at this decision has caused me to induct Jack as a POW. I've painstakingly managed to track Jack and interview him.

Me: Congratulations Jack, you've been selected as a POW. How does it feel to win this prestigous award

Jack: Yeah, it feels good to be noticed for all my efforts and to be awarded such an amazing award.

Me: Is there anyone you would like to thank for helping you on this journey?

Jack: Definitely, I wa…

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Thunderay Thunderay 12 May 2015

Next POW for 15/5-22/5

It's that time of the week again! Vote for your next POW in the poll below!

Edit: The Poll is now complete!It was a tie between Tim and Jack. Due to divine intervention. Tim has been chosen as the next POW for 2 consecutive weeks! Congrats Tim!

Edit 2: So Satan called me. He told me to put in both Tim and Jack because it is the democratic way of doing things. So I decided to make ANOTHER poll to see your opinions! Happy voting 

Edit 3: The Poll has been closed. After 1min, the outpour of support of Jack has been enourmous, so I've decided to include him as the co-POW alongside Tim.

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Thunderay Thunderay 5 May 2015

Player of the Week - Tim Li

Tim Li. Many of you know him as 'Swagbeans' or 'Timmie321'. Known as the leader of scientology, he has been sensationalised by the media as a 'lunatic' or a 'n00b'. But what lies under the minecraft skin of this enigma? Here at Project Metropolis WIki, we have managed to interview the very person himself.

Reporter: Hello Tim

Tim Li: Ogga booga swagggbeans

[Interview ends]

We have determined his IQ to be a maximum of 12. A very generous estimate.

Thanks for tuning in folks! Check the blog next week for the newest PLAYER OF THE WEEK

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