The R1 Achelous Line is a regional rapid transit line in the NotchRail network. Its original purpose is the link the isolated town of Achelous with Notchropolis, and this makes it the longest line in the NotchRail network by far. A majority of trains now do not terminate at Achelous and instead terminate at Bob's Farm. It was formerly coded Line 10.

One train per day terminates at Arenaville Airport instead of Twinleaf Town. Trains on the Achelous Line cannot start their journey at Arenaville Airport as there is only a single one-way line.

The line is coloured peach on NotchRail maps and timetables.


Opening History

  • June 6, 2032 - The original line, from Twinleaf Village (now Twinleaf Town) to Achelous, with 4 stations, opens.
  • May 11, 2059 - Boris Junction (now Ediquartz), Shoalcave Town and Derry-Jerry open.
  • December 28, 2066 - An extension to Arenaville Airport, with 1 new station, opens.
  • June 20, 2070 - Lonely Woods, Nuvema Village, Cherrygrove, Fallarbor Village, Lentimas Village, Cianwood Town, Fuchsia Village, Chickenfield and Humilau Town open.


Station Code Opened Suburb Stopping patterns Connections
1 2 3
Arenaville Airport - Achelous
Arenaville Airport APT 2066 Arenaville West Pattern Airport Express, Waratah Line,
Metro Monorail, Western Line
Twinleaf Town TWT 2032 Twinleaf Town Pattern Pattern Pattern Western Line
Littleroot Town LRT 2032 Littleroot Town Pattern Pattern Pattern Castlebrook Line
Bob's Farm BFM 2032 Bob's Farm Pattern Pattern Pattern
Ediquartz EQU 2059 Borisville Pattern
Shoalcave Town STN 2059 Shoalcave Town Pattern
Derry-Jerry DJY 2059 Derry-Jerry Pattern
Lonely Woods LYW 2070 Lonely Woods Pattern
Nuvema Village NVL 2070 Nuvema Village Pattern
Cherrygrove CRG 2070 Cherrygrove Pattern Pattern
Fallarbor Village FBR 2070 Fallarbor Village Pattern
Lentimas Village LEV 2070 Lentimas Village Pattern
Cianwood Town CWT 2070 Cianwood Town Pattern Pattern
Fuchsia Village FSV 2070 Fuschia Village Pattern
Chickenfield CKF 2070 Chickenfield Pattern
Humilau Town HMT 2070 Humilau Town Pattern
Achelous ACL 2032 Achelous Pattern Pattern

Stopping patterns

1. All stations (excludes Arenaville Airport): Twinleaf Town, Littleroot Town, Bob's Farm, Ediquartz, Shoalcave Town, Derry-Jerry, Lonely Woods, Nuvema Village, Cherrygrove, Fallarbor Village, Lentimas Village, Cianwood Town, Fuchsia Village, Chickenfield, Humilau Town, Achelous
2. Limited stops: Twinleaf Town, Littleroot Town, Bob's Farm
3. Arenaville Airport service: Achelous, Cianwood Town, Cherrygrove, Bob's Farm, Littleroot Town, Twinleaf Town, Arenaville Airport